The team at Studious Monday takes responsibility for our contribution to the world’s social, economical and environmental issues. Therefore, we make sure that even our packaging is issue-free and environmentally friendly.

The perspicuous legging.

Perscipuous; a synonym for studious, is clear cut, distinct, and understandable just like the characteristics of this legging.
Seamless, wide waistband design made to maximize comfort.

The reflective pullover midi.

Your favorite on-the-move pullover. Designed with a young attitude in mind and made with organic cotton and tencel fiber. This versatile design is intended for upscale street style. Worn as a midi dress with leggings or without.

Studious Monday has been in the works since 2018. We have been working tirelessly on a premiere collection that was set to launch April 2020. But, as we found ourselves amid a global crisis, we sought a sense of urgency to be part of a solution. We reconfigured our production and redirected our strengths towards fulfilling the need for personal protective accessories. Now, one year later, we are moving upward. Bringing you elevated clothing made consciously. 

Studious Monday is here to change the conversation in fashion. We are taking it from flashy to understated and from profits to ethics. By reimagining what is fashionable, Studious Monday is also redefining modest wear, one design at a time. So thank you for joining us as we stitch a new story.

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