Nawal Alsaeed, Founder of Studious Monday

Nawal Alsaeed

Chief Executive Director 

Nawal Alsaeed is a dedicated wife and loving mom, and these roles are the source of her greatest pride. Her trajectory began with a career in health care as a respiratory therapist after completing her university education. However, everything changed when she embraced motherhood and discovered her true passion lay in children and families, and early childhood development.

Coming from a family with a strong background in small business, Nawal's mother had successfully established a child care business. Drawing inspiration from her mother's footsteps, Nawal found herself deeply involved in the business. Through this experience, she unearthed numerous hidden talents within herself, including leadership, problem-solving, business management, and financial acumen. Nawal's contributions were instrumental in transforming the business her mother started long ago into a thriving social and health services facility.

Beyond her work in the child care sector, Nawal's heart has always belonged to the world of fashion. Fashion, to her, is not just a superficial interest; it's an integral part of her identity. Growing up as a proud Muslim, she often felt overlooked and underrepresented by the mainstream fashion industry. The lack of modest options and the disregard for ethical practices in the fashion world left her yearning for change.

Fueled by her lifelong passion to create and express herself through apparel, Nawal has embarked on a personal mission. With a deep sense of purpose and determination, she is now committed to making a difference in the fashion industry. She dreams of revolutionizing the concept of modest fashion, creating a platform that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and ethical practices.

Nawal Alsaeed stands as a beacon of inspiration for others who seek to balance their personal and professional aspirations while staying true to their cultural identity and values. Her trajectory embodies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and dedication. As she forges ahead, Nawal's vision of a fashion industry that embraces and respects all individuals, regardless of their background, continues to drive her forward on this transformative path.

Gabriella Weinkauf

Creative director and head designer

Gabriella Weinkauf is a multifaceted Fashion Designer known for her exceptional talents and diverse achievements, and has captivated the world with her unique blend of creativity, intelligence, and charisma. From a young age, Gabriella displayed a natural inclination towards Sewing, Fashion Design, and art. She immersed herself in various forms of artistic expression, including painting, photography, and ceramics. Her deep appreciation for beauty and her ability to translate emotions into visual art quickly garnered attention and accolades within the creative community. 

Gabriella’s love for storytelling through her art led her to pursue a degree in Fashion Design from the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Armed with her passion for uncovering the truth and sharing compelling narratives through her designs, she embarked on a successful career as a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur with her own brand Gabby Weinkauf. 

She studied at Carlota Alfaro Academy in Puerto Rico (2003) and completed her BA in Management from Universidad Ana G. Mendez (2008). She was also certified as an Art Appraiser by the Museo de Art de Puerto Rico. Her designs have graced the pages of renowned publications, including being featured in Vogue Runaway. In 2022, Gabriella also founded Detroit Fashion Services, a company that provides services and consulting for fashion designers in the Detroit Metro. 

Apart from her design prowess, Gabriella possesses an innate curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She is known for her extensive research and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that her work is well-informed and thought-provoking. She is currently working on her Masters at ES Design - Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona, in Spain with a major in Management and Creation of Fashion Brand. In her leisure time, Gabriella can be found exploring the outdoors, capturing stunning images with her camera, or getting lost in the pages of captivating books. She believes in the power of nature, do-it-yourself, and art to inspire and heal, and often seeks solace in these realms. Also she loves 3D printing, colors & materials exploration and share time with her dogs and husband.

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