Studious Monday’s past drops are a historic collection that tells the story of our brand’s journey over time. From starting out in the pandemic by crafting emergency health materials like masks and face shields, to creating sustainably made modest fashion today, we hold great pride in our work. Our early pieces like cardigans and tunics displayed our commitment to living our values, and we’ve kept that commitment through every new line we’ve dropped. Today you can shop our current collections, Modest Mod and Public Spaces, while we work diligently on the collections of tomorrow and beyond.

Learn more about our philosophy

It is believed that modesty is living your values. It doesn’t merely guide our fashion choices, but it is a way of being. Studious Monday is here to shift the conversation in fashion; taking it from flashy to understated and from profits to ethics. By reimagining what is fashionable, Studious Monday is also redefining modest wear, one design at a time. We have created a line that is balanced, functional, and versatile with the ultimate goal of inspiring all women to be proud of wearing Studious Monday. We create clothing that destigmatizes modesty; clothing that is fashionable and young women want to wear.

Where are Studious Monday pieces created?

We’re incredibly proud of our dedication to sourcing and crafting the materials for each piece ethically and sustainably! In an effort to uphold our promise to transparency, please take a moment to learn about our process here. We are so proud of the honesty that drives our work. Our campaign is a living map that will expand with each new garment made.