The Campaign

In an effort to uphold our promise to transparency please take a moment to learn about our process. We are so proud of the honesty that drives our work. Our campaign is a living map that will expand with each new garment made.

Lansing, MI, USA

Michigan Fashion Proto brought Studious Monday to life. With their guidance, we were able to swiftly moved into production. Planning, tech packs, and samples were all completed under the hands of MFP. We are so very grateful for their experience and knowledge in this field. 
Once phases one and two were completed, MFP streamlined production by outsourcing to one of their many partners. Our buttondown tunic and reflective pull over midi were handed off to Sonoran Stitch of Tucson, AZ. and our leggings were placed in the care of Soft Goods, Detroit, MI.

Detroit, MI, USA