I am Nawal Alsaeed, daughter of immigrants, wife and mother. I launched Studious Monday in 2020. As a Muslim woman, Studious Monday is my love letter to my faith and passion for fashion and design. For as long as I can remember, I have loved clothes and their ability to express identity and communicate culture. Growing up Muslim and proud, I often felt forgotten by the fashion industry, not only because modesty was so rare, but also because ethics seemed so insignificant.

It is believed that modesty is living your values. It doesn’t merely guide our fashion choices but it is a way of being. Studious Monday is here to shift the conversation in fashion; taking it from flashy to understated and from profits to ethics. By reimagining what is fashionable, Studious Monday is also redefining modest wear, one design at a time.

The goal is to create clothing that destigmatizes modesty; clothing that is fashionable and that young women want to wear. Gone are the days of drab, unpleasant modest wear, for we believe our wardrobes should be both on trend and practical. Modest wear does not have to be matronly. We have created a line that is balanced, functional, and versatile with the ultimate goal of inspiring ALL women to be proud of wearing Studious Monday.

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In an effort to uphold our promise to transparency please take a moment to learn about our process. We are so proud of the honesty that drives our work. Our campaign is a living map that will expand with each new garment made.


Michigan Fashion Proto brought Studious Monday to life. With their guidance, we were able to swiftly moved into production. Planning, tech packs, and samples were all completed under the hands of MFP. We are so very grateful for their experience and knowledge in this field. 

Once phases one and two were completed, MFP streamlined production by outsourcing to one of their many partners. Our buttondown tunic and reflective pull over midi were handed off to Sonoran Stitch of Tucson, AZ. and our leggings were placed in the care of Soft Goods, Detroit, MI.


Garments sewn by Soft Goods , and shipped to Studious Monday base in Dearborn, MI. 


Buttons sourced from Buttonology, Inc. in New York, New York. In the middle of a production crisis, Datreon of MFP referred us to Teddy Haft of Buttonology. Within a couple of days, our all natural bamboo buttons were shipped and received to our production site. So, very grateful for the hurdle experienced. We now have a top shelf source to buttons!! 


Print shop for our sew on brand labels and care and content tags. 

Seoul, South Korea
In an effort to source ethically and transparently, Swatch On gave us all the security and service needed to move forward. Knowing that they are committed to becoming as sustainable as possible gave us ease while choosing them for our textile source. The deadstock supply is massive; so we utilized all that we could from this pile. We hope to continue our business with SWATCHON, while also pursuing textile options in the USA. That is ultimately our number one goal–to source material from our surrounding land.


The textile and garment industry of Pakistan has immense potential to expand. Studious Monday recognizes the various obstacles it faces like cotton yarn and energy crisis, which require immediate and necessary actions, especially by the government to strengthen the sector. The lack of investment in Pakistan due to security reasons has caused a loss of interest by international business.
In today’s highly competitive global environment, the textile sector which is Pakistan’s leading industry needs to improve its supply chain, improve productivity, and maximize value-addition to be able to survive. Failure in taking steps can pull the textile industry down leading to the failure to compete in the international market. While the government’s policy is highly essential to create a comfortable atmosphere in the trade and business for foreign investment. Studious Monday vouches to support and invest in the Pakistani people. 96% of the population is Muslim.


Our vision is to become a leading contemporary, couture, modest, jewelry and accessories apparel brand known for exceptional quality, innovative design, and commitment to empowering individuals through fashion. We aim to create a platform that supports and amplifies the creativity of other designers, becoming a go-to manufacturing hub for 


At SM, our mission is to produce high-quality, stylish garments that cater to the needs of modest fashion consumers. We aim to provide a seamless and comprehensive manufacturing experience for both our own label and external designers, ensuring that each garment reflects the designer’s unique vision and meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.