MODESTY is powerful. As we search ways to carve out a space in identity and through expression, modesty balances the pressures of outer beauty while fostering individual and communal spiritual growth. Albeit the concept of modesty is expansive; the hijab (headcovering) symbolizes the highest form of practice. Having embraced the hijab at a young age, my formative years were spent reconciling the various stigmas society placed on me due to my outward appearance. This motivated me to establish Studious Monday.

Our Journey

Studious Monday has been in the works since 2018. We have been working tirelessly on a premiere collection that was set to launch April 2020. But, as we find ourselves amid a global crisis, we see a sense of urgency to be part of a solution. We reconfigured our production and redirected our strengths towards fulfilling the need for personal protective accessories.

Through the Studious Monday face mask, we hope that we can launch gracefully in the service of humanity: to offer durable face masks to all people, to account for the functionality of masks for women in hijab, and to help make even the smallest impact in helping people come together to move forward.